Six ways to stay healthy this summer

From the time we’re children, summer is a season everyone looks forward to. Even when you’ve hit retirement age, summer offers long days, warm weather, and the opportunity for a lot of time spent outdoors having fun. But it can also bring with it certain risks. With that in mind, here are six ways to stay healthy this summer:

1. Water and other fluids

Dehydration is a major risk at any age, but it can cause significant problems as you get older. It’s also important to drink a variety of fluids throughout the day, as water alone may leave you with an electrolyte imbalance. You shouldn’t wait until you feel thirsty to drink, but rather drink throughout the day to stave off thirst.

Be careful with caffeinated drinks, though, as these can act as a diuretic, leaving you in need of even more fluids.

For tastier water, infuse it with fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Simply mix these into a big pitcher of water and keep it in the refrigerator. Alternatively, try Volt Pro Electrolyte Concentrate, which can turn any beverage into a refreshing and hydrating sports drink, perfect for replenishing lost nutrients and keeping you energised. 

Drops of water

2. Eat well, and seasonally

Nature offers up some of the best foods in the summer; berries, tomatoes, and summer vegetables are all packed with nutrients. Eating seasonally can give you the freshest, best tasting food. Enjoy a mix of summer’s bounty at every meal to give you plenty of vitamins and minerals, whilst keeping the calorie count low.

Smaller meals spaced throughout the day can also be easier on your digestive system during a heatwave, making you feel better, too.

3. Get moving, keep moving

Summer gives you the chance to spend more time outdoors, so it’s the perfect time of year to take up a new fitness plan. Don’t do anything too strenuous in the heat of the day, particularly if you are new to exercise; however, the season is great for many lower-impact activities, such as swimming and cycling. It can also be a good time to try out different sports, such as croquet, that offer fun in the sun without too much strain.

4. Protect yourself from the sun

Whether you’re a newborn or a pensioner, sunscreen is a must. Although you should be protecting your skin from the sun all year round, it is particularly important in the summer, when there are more hours of sunlight and fewer clouds in the sky. Protection can also mean staying indoors during the hottest hours of the day.

Moisturising sensitive skin

5. Temper the temperature

The heat outside doesn’t mean you should blast your air conditioning. Instead, try to keep your home and car at a comfortable temperature. Keeping the room temperature between 18 and 20ºC will reduce the cost of your cooling and help protect you from dramatic changes in temperature. If you know you’ll be going between different temperatures throughout the day, layer your clothing so you can add or remove items to adjust more easily.

6. Store medications properly

Before a heatwave, in particular, it can be helpful to chat with your doctor or pharmacist about any medications you’re taking. Some may need to be kept below a certain temperature to be effective. The same is true of any nutritional supplements you may be taking. A bit of expert advice can help ensure that your medication will continue to work throughout the warm weather.

The most important way to stay healthy throughout the summer is to stay happy. Enjoy all the season has to offer!

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