Six Surprising Facts About Aging

Aging is a process, an unavoidable one, and by 2050 around 22% of the world’s population will be over 60. Too often these days, people focus on the negatives but there are a number of surprising facts that go with getting older.

Regardless of the amount of candles on the cake,  Here are six surprising facts about growing older (and wiser).

Older and happier

Studies have found that we are least happy during middle age and by the time we pass 65, and particularly into our 80s, we can expect to be happier. Experts think that this is down to our emotional and social instincts being stronger through experience, which also helps us to deal with conflicts more effectively.

On top of this, as many as 90% of workers over the age of 50 are satisfied with their job – significantly higher than other age ranges and thought to be due to the fact we’ve usually climbed the corporate ladder by this point.


You get smarter

Like the experience that allows us to be happier emotionally, our working years have given us a wealth of knowledge that actually allows older people to work on a par with younger colleagues.

Through challenging the brain you can fight against any of the negative stereotypes associated with memory. In fact, researchers have found that the longer you’re a student the better equipped you are to fight diseases like dementia.

Working can help you live longer

As we saw, having an active brain can mean you get smarter and become happier the older you get. Another study also suggested that having a job over retirement age can be a positive too.

Of course, you don’t need to be burning the midnight oils over complex spreadsheets but even those who work part-time can see the benefits. It is rewarding and stimulating to continue being useful the older you get.

Migraines are less frequent

Some of us struggle with headaches and migraines more than others, but by the time you pass 50 then this problem should subside. This head pains, as well as things like nausea and vomiting become less prominent with age.

Fizzy drinks prematurely age you

It has long been known that soda isn’t good for you. Phosphate is a big issue within the makeup of the drink, but there are a number of illnesses linked to these beverages. These include premature aging with problems like brittle bones, paralysis and even pancreatic cancer through damaging the skin, muscles, heart and kidneys. According to Gerald Weissmann from the FASEB:

“Soda is the caffeine delivery vehicle of choice for millions of people worldwide, but comes with phosphorous as a passenger. This research suggests that our phosphorous balance influences the ageing process, so don’t tip it.”

fizzy drinks

Your ears get bigger

It has long been known that noses and ears continue to grow throughout your life. Due to the sagging with age due to a loss of elasticity mixed with gravity, the older you get the larger they become.

Earlobes are the most obvious and many suggest that it is due to the fact there is no bone but just cartilage in that part. Perhaps it’s unsurprising then that “lobe jobs” continue to grow in popularity.

Bonus: Food helps

Researchers have found that up to the age of 75, genetics accounts for just a quarter of the longevity equation. This means that having a healthy lifestyle and eating right makes the biggest difference. Things like antioxidant-rich blueberries, nuts and yoghurt along with moderate amounts of wine and chocolate can all help the anti-aging stakes.

Once you get to a certain age, there are ailments and well-being products that can relieve pain or help the aging process. Take a look at our high quality, specially designed anti-aging products now.