Maintaining Healthy Blood Vessels With Omega-3

There are a number of ways that you can keep your heart and body healthy. From organic foods to regular exercise, your fitness can be improved through simple changes in habits. When it comes to blood vessels, ensuring they are strong makes for steady blood flow. One of the best ways to do this is with omega-3; here we’ll take a look at how you can maintain healthy blood vessels.

About blood vessels

Your blood vessels are the intricate network of tubes that carry blood throughout the body. There are arteries, arterioles, capillaries, venules and veins, and to ensure they are strong you need healthy endothelium. These are cells that layer the inside to protect as well as modulate blood flow.

Why is omega-3 so important?

Known as “the good fat”, these fatty acids are known to help healthy heart function by stabilizing the heart’s rhythm and dropping blood pressure through lowering blood fat levels and stopping inflammation. On top of this, you get the added benefits of combating arthritis, dementia and depression. Oftentimes, people have plenty of omega-6, another important fat, but are deficient in omega-3.

Fish is the easiest and best source of omega-3. Rich in DHA and EPA acids, it is recommended to eat fish with this two or three times a week. From anchovies to salmon, mackerel to tuna, you have a plethora of options to choose from. In other food like flaxseed, walnuts and dark leafy vegetables there is a different form of omega-3, ALA, but this isn’t quite as strong.

Topping up your levels without food

Vegetarians, or those who don’t eat fish, can get their DHA requirements from algae and plant-based supplements. Anyone with heart disease or has had a heart attack is usually told to take one each day.

Also, as cold-water fish are subject to environmental changes and stress, there can be a fluctuation in the best nutrients. This means that supplements can actually be a better way of getting the fatty acids you need. Take a look at our organic, cholesterol free and clinically tested PEO-Pro plant-based essential oil supplement.


What other foods help to ensure healthy blood vessels?

The B vitamins of folate and folic acid are also great. This is because they work to produce and maintain body cells. Through doing this, it helps blood amino acids and stabilises homocysteine, which can damage arteries if levels are too high. Folate is particularly recommended for pregnant women and can be found in things like spinach, citrus fruits, peas and dried beans while some foods are now enriched with folic acid.

Arginine is an amino acid that creates nitric oxide, which works to relax blood vessels, lower blood pressure and aid normal blood flow. This all helps to stop blood clots and keep vessel walls strong. Your body does produce this on its own but you can get nitrates and arginine from lean meat, garlic, whole grains, watermelon, fish and fresh (particularly green and leafy) vegetables.

Blueberries are thought to be the best antioxidant for optimum blood vessel function in men. It is the flavonoids in them that works to promote endothelial health and you can get similar benefits from dark chocolate.

Vitamin E, available through almonds, avocado, hazelnuts, peanuts and sunflower oil is known to protect the lipoproteins that carry cholesterol from being damaged.

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