Antiaging Nutrition Presents: The Ultimate Guide To Healthy Eating

Healthy Heart
Here at Antiaging Nutrition, we understand how hard healthy eating can be, with temptation around every corner.

With so many supermarkets and restaurants offering readily-available junk food at affordable prices, and with many foods containing saturated fats and hidden sugars, finding the correct ingredients to maintain a healthy diet often feels like an unnecessary struggle. In light of this, we’ve created this ultimate guide to healthy eating.

We’ve pooled together a number of different resources to help you better understand what you’re eating, and allow you to develop your own sure-fire clean eating plan.

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Understanding The Food Pyramid

Food Pyramid
Remember the Food Pyramid? It’s taught to most of us at such a young age that by the time we begin to worry about what we eat we’ve all but forgotten it. This guide will refresh your memory by running through everything you need to know about the six different food groups, highlighting the healthiest foods from each section of the pyramid.

A Guide To Dieting

Nutritional ValuesThere seems to be a new diet out every month, all of which promise some rapid and miraculous form of weight-loss. However, discovering a plan that can be fit around your busy lifestyle, and that actually works, is practically impossible for some people. Worry no more, as in this section we aim to break the common myths that surround dieting and deconstruct confusing food labels.


Did you know that certain healthy foods are much more beneficial than others? This part of the guide includes an essential list of the top 10 superfoods you should be eating.


Can-C Eye Drops
Supplements can be taken to improve nutrition and ensure that your body’s getting its daily fix of vitamins. We’ve include a small selection of some super supplements to help you get a taste for what’s available in the Antiaging Nutrition store.

Printable Food Diary

The final section of this comprehensive guide includes an interactive food chart. Print off your own copy and stick it to the fridge to help keep track of everything you’re eating during the week. Want to find out more?

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