A Brief Guide To Maintaining Healthy Eyes

Can-CWe spend a lot of time focussing on keeping our bodies and minds in tip-top shape, but have you ever given any thought to the potential dangers faced by not taking proper care of your eyes?

Although small, your eyes are one of the most exposed areas of your body, which means that they’re more at risk of infections and diseases. Couple this with the fact that they’re constantly put under strain from the moment we wake up, as we barrage them with constant streams of media, it’s unsurprising that many of us suffer from eye-related issues as we grow older.

Luckily, the effects of many of these issues can be reduced, and controlled through the use of Can-C™ eye drops.

As the only eye drops available that contain the original NAC formula, trialled by renowned eye doctor, Mark Babizhayev at IVP, Can-C™ eye drops are a powerful vision-enhancing tool. They are proven to reduce the results of aging on eyes, and can be used as an effective method of cataracts control.

The Dangers Of Cataracts

Cataract is the name given to the clouding or murkiness that forms on the lens of your eye. If left untreated, this can lead to a reduction in vision, so it’s recommended that you consult your GP as soon as possible if you notice any of the following symptoms:

Cataract Symptons

Whilst this disease is commonly caused by age, and the deterioration of proteins within the lens of the eye, there are other causes of cataract, including radiation, trauma and genetics.

It is in no way an uncommon disease, affecting 1 in 4 people over the age of 65. With nearly 30,000 new cases discovered daily, it affects over 20 million people worldwide, and causes 42% of blindness. (Source: Who.int)

Cataract Facts

What Are The Solutions

Many people turn to surgery as a solution. In fact, there are approximately 1.35 million operations per year. At a cost of $3,500 per eye, these surgeries accumulate to $3.5 billion every year. There are strong reasons for people spending so much money though, as the operation has a 95% success rate.

That being said, as with all surgical procedures, there are serious risks attached. 2% of patients face complications, including retinal detachment, corneal transplants or endophthalmitis, which is the inflammation of the inside of the eye. It’s also worth noting that nearly half of all patients require further laser surgery after their first operation at a later point in life. (Source: Who.int)

Surgery Facts

Whilst surgery is a viable option, there are a number of risks attached to the very high price tag. There is, however, a relatively inexpensive option, that’s practically risk-free and can help hinder the growth of cataracts: Can-C™ eye drops.

The Wonders Of Can-C™ And NAC

Developed by Innovative Vision Products (IVP), the exclusive N-acetylcarnosine (NAC) formula within these painless eye drops have been proven to slow down the deterioration of ageing eyes.

Even patients vision-issues unrelated to cataracts have recounted good signs from using the drops, as the treatment reportedly ‘brightened’ and ‘relaxed’ their eyes. (Source: IVP)

How Do They Work?

As mentioned above, the special ingredient in these easy-to-apply drops is N-acetylcarnosine (NAC), which contains the di-peptide carnosine – a naturally occurring anti-oxidant.

NAC is extremely effective at acting against the effects of aging in the body, and this includes the growth of cataracts. As a highly resilient delivery form of carnosine, it remains effective within the eye for much longer than regular treatments, providing the needed proteins whilst protecting against other variables. NAC has also been shown to slow the glycation process, which can also result in the formation of cataracts.

Further studies found that after half a year of being treated with a 1% solution of NAC droplets, almost 40% of the people tested reported a worthwhile reduction of the clouding within the lens of the eye.

Eye With Cataract

The above photographs are from a human female eye. The left hand eye contains a rather noticeable cataract. The right hand photo is the same eye 5-months later, after regular treatment with an NAC solution like which is found in Can-C™ eye drops, having used four doses a day. The cataract has been largely removed and the opalescence and clarity has greatly improved.

For more information on the effects of N-acetylcarnosine,please view this informative video:

The Results

IVP, the organisation behind these drops, have carried out clinical trials on people suffering from senile cataracts. Using an NAC solution, nearly 90% of patients reported that their glare sensitivity was improved by the treatment. Within six months of twice daily-dosages, another 90% described their vision as clearer and sharper.

When asked to comment on the research, Dr Babizhayev stated:

“For most patients treated, drug tolerance was good and no side effects were specifically associated with the application of 1% NAC. What is more, no recurrence of cataract development occurred during the period of NAC application.”

Take a look at the results for yourself below:

Can-C Facts

Can-C™ eye drops, containing healthy doses of the NAC solution, are available now from the Antiaging Nurition store. For more information on the effects of Can-C, and it’s results in reducing cataracts, as well as a number of other eye conditions, why not read this helpful eBook detailing everything you need know about these fantastic eye drops?

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