Spotlight On The Save Our Supplements Campaign

Save Our SupplementsHere at Antiaging Nutrition, we’re very interested in ensuring all those who wish to take supplements are given access to them. This is why we were shocked to learn of a potential change in European law which would make obtaining certain supplements particularly difficult for everyone within the EU.

The proposed change would mean that dosages which are currently freely available over the counter would need to be dramatically reduced, thereby lowering the effectiveness of such supplements in keeping us healthy and addressing certain ailments that afflict us all at some point during our lifetimes.

Save Our Supplements

In order to try and stop this law from being passed, natural health issue activists Consumers for Health Choice (CHC) have launched a new campaign titled Save Our Supplements. This nation-wide appeal has been set up to ensure everyone who wants to take supplements is able to have uninhibited access to them.

CHC work with retailers, nutritionists, health practitioners and specialist manufacturers from across Europe to try and defend freedom of choice in all health matters. The majority their work is centred on preventing unnecessary legislations that stop consumers from being able to make their own decisions.

We at Antiaging Nutrition are naturally concerned that those who wish to have access to certain supplements would be dramatically affected should this legislation come into force. Access to supplements that keep us healthy and enable us to live a full and enriching life should not be limited by laws and regulations simply because they are not aligned with other countries of the EU. The Save Our Supplements campaign is working hard to ensure that this doesn’t happen, and we believe that this is a fight well worth fighting.

An Unnecessary Change

This attempt to change the law has been ongoing for over 17 years now, but has been kept at bay for as long as possible through campaigns which have delayed the implementation of the European Union Foods Supplement Directive (2002/46/EC).

For the time being this topic is still being hotly debated, however the chances of the rules in the UK and the rest of the EU being bought into line with those in France and Germany are a distinct possibility.

Lower MPLs (Maximum Permitted Levels) of supplements would mean that hundreds of products that have been used for decades and pose no risk to the public would suddenly be weakened, potentially resulting in less effectiveness.

We’re fully behind CHC and their Save Our Supplements campaign, and we hope that as a customer of this site, you will be as well. You can help by signing the petition, whilst encouraging others to do so as well, so that your voice can be heard.

Visit the Consumers for Health Choice website today to pledge your support and learn more about this ongoing battle to allow us to make our own choices.