Natural Alternatives To Artificial Antibiotics


Earlier this year, UK Prime Minister David Cameron issued the foreboding statement that the world may be “cast back to the dark ages of medicine” unless we take action to tackle our bodies’ rising resistance to antibiotics.

His announcement comes from the fact that minimal numbers of anti-microbial drugs have been introduced in the last few years.

Here at Antiaging Nutrition, we believe that there are natural approaches to this very serious problem.


Natural Immune Support

1st line

There are alternatives to artificial antibiotics. The body produces its own natural chemicals and compounds which aid your immune system – like thiocyanate- a group of ions found naturally in your saliva and tears.

We have previously been unable to isolate and store thiocyanate ions to use within healthcare regimes. However, British scientist Dr Richard Steed recently had a breakthrough when he developed a solution that remained stable at room temperature for prolonged periods of time, and was able to harness this substance to produce immune-boosting supplements – ready for public use.

This innovation led to the creation of 1st Line Thiocyanate Immune Support, a dissolvable supplement which has been used by thousands of people, many of whom have used it as a natural alternative to antibiotics.

But why would you need to take supplements if your body already produces these compounds?

They’re The Natural Solution

The ions within the thiocyanate sachets have a much lower molecular weight compared to other artificial antibiotics when they are mixed with water.

This means they diffuse much further and faster throughout any affected tissue within the body; thus providing a robust level of support.

The supplement is much more effective at attacking a wider range of negative toxins damaging microbes, like fungi, without harming the beneficial bacteria, such as lactobacilli.

In short, 1st Line support is a fast-acting solution which diffuses effectively throughout the system, working around the clock to help protect your body.

Boosting Immunity


Of course, thiocyanate isn’t the only way to help give your system a boost. Vitamin supplements can help strengthen your immune system and aid in preventing you from contracting illnesses in the first place.

It was twice Nobel Prize Laureate Linus Pauling who first highlighted the effects of ascorbic acid (another name for vitamin C), when he found that it slowed down or prevented the release of harmful chemicals in the body, which damage both our internal and external cells during a process known as oxidation.

Since then, this wonderful vitamin has been linked with a number of health benefits, and recent studies found that high doses of vitamin C had anti-histamine effects  that could be beneficial to those suffering from allergies (Source: PubMed).  Other benefits include detoxification, anti-inflammatory, and energy boosting abilities (Source: NIH).


Find Out More

Hopefully the above article has provided you with enough information to select the right supplements for your body.

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