Introducing Our New Interactive Health Infographic

Those who follow our Health Articles or Blog section know that we strive to supply you with all the latest information and resources to help combat aging and stay fit and healthy for years to come.

Over the last few months we’ve been working on putting together a resource which collects together various health-related tips and tricks to deliver the ultimate guide to looking after your body.

We’re now proud to unveil our new, interactive infographic:

Balancing Your Body: How To Promote Good Health Through Nutrition

Health Infographic

The premise is simple, simply click on the link above, choose your gender, and away you go.

You’ll be presented with a wide range of body parts and features to choose from, from the hair on your head right down to your very DNA.

Each section you select will highlight a new area on the body, presenting you with advice, as well as the option to find out more about a supplement, vitamin or product which could benefit that area.

Each product and coinciding piece of advice has been specifically selected by our experts to help provide you with the best possible solution to your healthcare needs.

Both the male and female graphics have different options, so be sure to try both to get the full experience of the infographic.

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