Dr Richard Lippman On Free Radicals and Antiaging Medicine

Dr Richard Lippman is a world expert in free radicals, having created the advanced ACF228 formula, developed with the sole purpose of eliminating toxic agents in the body and helping to reduce the risk of cancer.

The IAS group is lucky enough to have worked alongside Dr Lippman for many years and as such they have learned a great deal from him.

In the text below, we collected together the numerous interviews and articles that the great doctor has contributed to the IAS and presented the best answers for you too.

So take a look at how Dr Lippman became the world expert on free radicals, his opinions on aging, and his advice for eliminating toxins from the body.

Background In Medicine

Dr Lippman and Peter Pure
Dr Lippman with nutritionist and raw food expert Peter Pure

Richard Lippman has a rich history in health and sciences, with a triple education in chemistry, medicine, and physics.

“I studied chemistry and physics at the Department of Physical Chemistry, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. Subsequently, I attended medical school at Biomedicum, University of Uppsala, Uppsala, Sweden.”

In Sweden, these institutions are regarded as the equivalents of MIT and Harvard University.

Whilst he studied at the prestigious schools, Dr Lippman somehow found the time to publish 27 scientific papers in leading US erotological journals.

The hard work and dedication paid off, as the doctor’s triple education resulted in him inventing and developing the nicotine patch, which has gone on to aid the lives of millions.

His research also helped him develop methods of measuring the damage caused by aging, and led to Dr Lippman being nominated for a Noble Prize for Medicine. He can now claim to be the only man nominated for a Noble Prize in the field of antiaging.

Becoming The World Expert On Free Radicals

When he talks about how he came to be the leading mind on the topic of free radicals (molecules with single, unpaired electrons in their outer shells), Dr Lippman lists Professor Karl Arfors, and his colleagues at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, as major influencers:

“In the physics laboratory we were routinely generating free radicals from a cobalt 60 cannon and consequently studying the effects and damages of the various free radicals in living tissues, as well as the downstream by-products.”

“Subsequently, I met with a group in central Sweden. The Professor in charge was Professor Karl Arfors and we had regular free-radical meetings. At the time people thought it was an assembly for hippies! (ha ha) but it was about free radicals and their effects in medicine and biology.”

Issues Caused By Free Radicals

Through his research, Dr Lippman was able to identify that oxidation and free radicals were causing damage to our bodies as we age. Numerous tests helped him to uncover several instances where the build-up of free radicals caused issues, including the hardening of the arteries, and asthma:

“If you are having breathing problems, such as asthma or COPD etc., then this could be caused by lack of glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that we demonstrated in animals as essential for repair.”

Lippman also highlights that certain illnesses we wouldn’t usually attribute to free radicals can actually be traced back to oxidation and the effects of toxins on the body:

“Cataracts form in the eyes during aging and many people have them corrected with surgery, but that’s an oxidation problem gone awry in the lens of the eye. Another problem is wrinkles in the skin. Hormones like IGF-1 and growth hormone can help the body to generate high levels of glutathione, which is a key free radical scavenger and without which fine lines develop in facial tissues.”

Developing ACF228

Lippman points out that he was unhappy with the way free radicals were originally measured during the early 80s:

“At the time… most people measure ORAC values only in a test tube; the ORAC system is in vitro, and thus this does not measure what happens in a living system.”

With that in mind, he worked tirelessly on developing an instrument that was able to measure the levels of antioxidants in our bodies in real time. His work led to him receiving a Noble Prize nomination.

Armed with this fresh body of data gained from his new equipment, he carried out clinical double-blind, cross-over studies, testing which antioxidants affected the body the most and how they could be quenched.

After years of extensive tests, Dr Lippman was able to produce a formula that has been recognised by various FDA bodies, and the US National Institute of Aging, to actively reduce free radicals in humans.

That product is what we know today as ACF228, Free Radical Scavenger.

The Benefits Of ACF228

When you hear people discussing the body’s four lines of defence against antioxidant, the terminology can be traced back to Dr Lippman, who originally coined the phrase. He broke down the hierarchy of the free radicals, and discovered which treatments could be used to effectively combat free radicals on each level.

Developed to be taken orally, ACF228 contains 15 ingredients in total, including catalase, superoxide dismutase and NDGA, which is found in the creosote desert bush, a plant that survives extreme temperatures for years on end. Each ingredient works on different levels to help eliminate free radicals and slow the process of aging.

In terms of dosage, Dr. Lippman recommends that anyone under the age of 50 should take one a day. For over 50s, he’s proven that one pill per every meal actively reduces damage from oxidisation, increases mitochondrial efficiency, and slows the aging process at the cellular level.


Watch the video above to hear Dr. Lippman further discuss how he came to develop ACF228, and its many benefits.

We’ll leave you with this summarization from the man himself:

“We naturally defend against [free radicals] with our cells’ four lines of defence. Fortunately, we can further boost these lines of defence with supplements such as ACF228® capsules and Breathe Easy™, as well as IGF-1, growth hormone and other completely natural anabolic hormones.”

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