The Telomere Theory of Ageing: How and Why Do People Age?

This is one of the questions that has baffled scientists and medical experts over the years, but despite huge amounts of research, they are no closer to coming up with a definitive answer.

It seems likely that there are a number of different factors involved in the ageing process, and the telomere theory of ageing may explain one of them.

According to the telomere theory of ageing, the ends of protective DNA strands become frayed over the years, contributing to the ageing process. These frayed strands can be protected through the use of TA65.

Root of the astragalus herb

The Chinese are well-known for their alternative medicines, and one of their traditional cures for ageing is the root of the astragalus herb.

Used as a potential remedy for colds, infections and liver problems in China, and increasingly elsewhere around the world, the root of the astragalus herb may hold the secrets to the ageing process.

TA65 contains an extract of astragalus, which has been identified as one of the possible ways to protect DNA from ageing. When added to TA65, The extract goes through a top secret special process, in order to draw out the most vital components.

Astragalus cicer (5143687135)

DNA’s role in the ageing process

DNA naturally declines over time in the same way that a lot of the body’s functions do. Because of the way cells divide when they split, chromosomes cannot be copied 100%, which means that a small part of the strand gets cut off.

It is thought that telomeres get smaller every time the cells split, which means they get shorter every time the splitting process happens. When the telomeres reduce to a certain point, the original DNA is no longer there and the cells start to age to an extent that they cannot replicate anymore.

How does telomerase reactivation work?

Telomeres is the name given to the protective DNA strands that become frayed over time. By reactivating telomeres, through a process known as telomerase reactivation, it is possible to slow the ageing process by protecting those DNA strands for a longer period.

Research using mice has found that when telomerase in the rodents was reactivated, the mice lived longer lives than expected after the telomeres strands in their DNA lengthened.

The history of telomeres

Telomeres are a relatively new discovery in the world of medicine – they were only identified by US physiologist Elizabeth Blackburn a few years ago. She won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 for her discovery.

If ageing can be described as a disease, and that is how experts are increasingly considering the ageing process, it makes sense telomeres play a vital role. Therefore, if there is a way to protect telomeres and ensure they can be reactivated, it is possible that the ageing process could be slowed down, possibly by a radical amount.

Why is TA65 effective?

While the root of the astragalus herb has often been cited as a medicine that could combat the ageing process, it has not been shown to work on its own.

TA65 has been proven to reactivate telomeres in a way that the astragalus herb, when it is used on its own, simply does not.

While there is a lot of debate in the field about the effectiveness or otherwise of telomerase reactivation, it is widely believed that this is a huge step towards being able to protect against ageing.

Telomere caps

Can telomeres be measured?

Even though telomeres are quite a new discovery, a number of labs are already offering the chance to have telomeres measured, which may provide a sign of how fast a body is ageing.

If the results show that the telomeres are significantly shorter than they ought to be, then using TA65 can be a great way to give the reactivation process a jump start.

Are there any side effects?

There are no side effects of using TA65 for telomerase reactivation, so in effect, using the treatment is completely risk-free.

No other products available on the market have been proven to slow the ageing process and future research may well confirm that telomerase reactivation is the way to protect DNA.

TA-65 is classed as a nutritional supplement – not a drug – which is an important distinction to make. This means that the treatment can be used alongside other vitamins and supplements as part of a natural, healthy diet.

How fast does TA65 work?


An increase in energy levels is one of the most commonly reported improvements by patients, while others have said they have experienced clearer vision. In some cases, people have seen an increase in their sex drive in the weeks and months since they started to take TA65, while others have noticed a reduction in their grey hair.

A lot of people who have taken TA65 as a nutritional supplement alongside their daily diet report improvement within just 90 days after starting to take it.

Furthermore, research shows that TA65 has a number of other benefits on top of reactivating telomeres. Among the proven advantages of taking TA65 as a nutritional supplement is that it can boost your immune system, improve blood pressure and boost the elasticity of skin.

Find out more about TA65 Teleomerase Activator here, or get in touch with a friendly member of our team for all your supplement and nutritional needs.

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